Frequently Asked Questions

What types of classes do you offer? Where are they located?

We offer online classes, classroom-based courses, and blended learning. 

1. Our online classes allow you to study in the convenience of your home. 

We offer two types: 

  • Self-study

You can access the course 24 hours/day. It is perfect if you need flexibility.

  • Via Zoom

These classes will run at a specific date and time. Your tutor will teach you directly on screen.  

This course model is ideal if you would like to be able to ask questions and communicate with your tutor and fellow students online.  

2. Classroom-based courses

Classroom learning allows you to interact with your tutor and peers face-to-face. 

You can ask questions and get immediate feedback. 

These classes are perfect for hands-on hands-on activities as the tutor can demonstrate techniques and solutions directly in front of you. 

3. Blended Learning

It’s a type of learning that combines online and classroom-based teaching. Blended learning has the objective of bringing together the best of both worlds to achieve more efficient learning. 

Our classroom-based lessons are located in our workshop in Zechin, Germany (approx. 1 hour from Berlin) or at Rudolf Steiner House in London. 

You can find the location in the course description. 

What are the entry requirements?

Most of our courses do not require prior knowledge of jewellery-manufacturing or jewellery-design.
If you would like to enroll in one of our technology classes (WordPress, CAD, 3D-printing) you need to have sufficient knowledge and skill to be able to use computers and a mouse.

Are there any age restrictions?

Most of our classes are suitable for students aged 16 and older. 

Additionally, we also offer classes for children 6 years and older. 

Our “Parents & Children” courses are perfect for learning and enjoying a subject together. 

Are materials included in the price?

Copper sheet and copper wire are included in the price.
If you would like to create silver jewellery, would need to purchase the material from us.
Unfortunately, you cannot bring your own metal. The reason is that there might be issues with the quality, purity, or form.
Gemstones are also not included in the price.
We have a range of gems starting from 5.00€ you can purchase from us.
Depending on the amount of silver the additional costs will be 10-15€ (2.00€/g).
10x sawblades cost 2.50€.


Are all tools provided?

Yes. The classes are held in a fully equipped workshop with all the tools you need.

How and when do I pay for the course?

Courses have to be paid for in full at the time of booking.

Payment can be made online by credit card or PayPal. 

Can I get a refund or change my booking?

We offer refunds and changes to bookings if sufficient notice is given and a charge is made. Please check our terms & conditions.

Do you provide certificates?

Yes. We will send you an online certificate via email. 

Format: A4 printable PDF. 

Do you offer courses for private groups?

Yes. Please contact us for details. 

Do you offer one-to-one tuition?

Yes. Please contact us for details.