What Our Students Have to Say


Jasmin is simply the most wonderful teacher – she gave me the tools and ability to start my career as a jewellery designer. Jasmin´s method is so well put together through years of experience teaching so many – and I love that I can now take my design ideas out of the realms of imagination and communicate them them accurately both clients and craftsmen. I also think it is fantastic that she not only teaches us to draw the jewels beautifully but also encourages her students to think practically about the creation of them. I am so exited that her method is now also accessible in her books.

Amy Burton FGA, DGA
Designer at Hancocks London
From London UK



Jasmin Karger´s book “The Magic of Jewellery Illustration” is an absolute must for all jewellery designers or enthusiasts out there. Not only is it beautiful from cover to cover but it is full of the most incredible insider tips and advice on all aspects of jewellery illustration. I have come to rely on it entirely and I am so grateful that at last there is a book out there which really gets down to the detail as well as being crammed with ideas.

Bear Brooksbank

Creative director Bear Brooksbank fine jewellery
From London UK



This is a great book to render in persective (The Magic of Jewellery Illustration Book 2 Rings in Perspective).

We love it!

Jewelry Institute of America
From Clifton NJ, USA



I have both Jasmin’s books, beautiful illustrations and detail. Watch her YouTube videos too for more demonstrations. I was lucky enough to be able to get to some of her London classes and learnt a lot.

Sue Chapman
Creative Director at Chapman Crystal Jewellery
From London, UK