As a child I always wanted to become a true renaissance man or, in my case, woman. I dreamed of being a painter sculptor and innovator living a life solving the mysteries of the world like Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo.

So I became a goldsmith, learning the ancient art of working with precious metals and intriguing gemstones.
The first time I made a gold alloy I felt like an alchemist (well, I was only seventeen) controlling the colour and properties of this magnificent metal.
During my years in the jewellery business I had the wonderful opportunity to work with renowned jewellery artists,
to design high-end collections and to make jewellery in every metal I could possibly lay my hands on
(palladium and niobium are still amongst my favourites).

Ultimately, I discovered my passion for teaching.

Through my association with one of the most prestigious jewellery schools in the world (GIA) I have inspired
hundreds of students in such far-flung locations as Thailand, Italy and California.

With my many classes, I have combined the intricacies of jewellery design with the elements of technology, using
the latest CAD/CAM developments, whilst sharing both my joy and undiminished
affection for an industry that I have been involved with for all my working life.

Today, I still do what I love. I run my own jewellery business, Jaqc-Jewellery and school, offer design consultancy,
and illustrate jewellery for a variety of companies.

Now I want to help you realise your creative ambitions, by sharing my skills that will
show you how to prepare professional and impressive illustrations.

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